Child Asks Warren If She’s Going To Stop Global Warming, She Says Yes (With No Explanation), Crowd Goes Wild. FACEPALM.

I don’t know about you, but the pure absurdity about made me shoot my coffee straight out of my nose!

Really? No further explanation?


“Welp. That’s good enough for me. She must really mean it!”

Such a strong argument…


She’s officially crossed the line into completely useless.

Let’s just gather ‘round a campfire, sing Kumbaya in our wheat dresses, and make our own tiles in the kiln!

I’m going to leave you with two points –

  1. No one can STOP global warming, we can only improve human impact.
  2. Good luck getting… I don’t know… THE REST OF THE WORLD TO DO IT.

You could tell that audience that gullible is spelled the same backwards and they’d Ooooh and ahhhhh, nod in approval, clap, and never question it.

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