Hillary Clinton Denies Lesbian Commentary, But C’mon… Lesbihonest With Ourselves, Shall We?

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Well, no freaking wonder she’s fine with still being married to Bill.

She’s THAT indifferent.

I mean, lesbihonest with ourselves.

“Contrary to what you may hear, I actually like men,” Clinton said jokingly while talking to Howard Stern about her pre-Bill Clinton boyfriend who was “really handsome” and resembled a “Greek god.”

She went on to say that she’s never been tempted. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t suspect OTHERS to do the tempting.

Surprisingly, that particular comment about ‘never being tempted’ drew some disappointment from one LGBTQ reporter, Trish Bendix –

“It’s so frustrating when public figures like Hillary feel the need to dispel lesbian rumors in a way that equates lesbianism or queerness with salaciousness, and that’s ultimately what I dislike about the way she phrased it. Specifically the word ‘tempted,’” Bendix told NBC News. “I think there’s a way to refute untrue ideas about one’s own identity without saying something damaging to others.”

Uh-oh, isn’t Clinton an advocate of how being gay/lesbian isn’t just a choice?

She just might be shaky on her “belief system.” She must currently be on the other spectrum of whatever-receives-votes-this-time-around. Don’t worry, she’ll circle back around depending on what ever needs some pandering.

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However, I’m DEFINITELY more disgusted about never having visualized her sex life at all until this moment … those were simpler times…