Colin Kaepernick Fails to Interest a Single NFL Team

Rachel S

A week after quarterback-turned-activist Colin Kaepernick’s debacle of a workout, the response from the NFL is in. And Kaepernick drew responses froooommmmmm. . . . .

No one.

Zero teams have reached out to Kaepernick or expressed even a modicum of interest in hiring the professional liability football player. He’ll probably call the NFL racist again (which would explain why 70% of their players are black) and somehow manage to blame Trump. In reality, however, he’s an alright player who hasn’t had a real job for three years and who’s done nothing for the NFL except cause problems. And his workout, his last chance extended but by the grace of the football gods, was a debacle.

Kaepernick was provided a private workout and interview to show off his talents. The session was to be taped and made available to every team in the league. At the last minute, however, Kaepernick decided this wasn’t good enough and cancelled the workout. He claimed he wanted his own camera crew to film the workout and to allow press coverage. He rescheduled his own workout at Drew High School in Riverdale, Georgia. Kaepernick showed up to the workout wearing a “Kunta Kinte” T-Shirt, a reference to the defiant slave from “Roots.” The shirt appeared to be yet another stunt by Kaepernick, this time comparing himself to a slave.

The NFL claimed Kaepernick didn’t inform them that he wanted his own camera crew to attend the event until the night before, and they didn’t hear Kaepernick’s press demands until just before the event.

A backlash ensued, and Kaepernick responded by blaming the NFL and telling them to “stop running.”

It could not possibly be more obvious that Kapernick is patently uninterested in actually playing football. He just saw his own irrelevance staring him in the face and scrambled to make it go away. It’s not about football. It’s not about protest. It’s not about justice. It’s about Colin Kaepernick. It was from the beginning and it still is.

I, for one, am delighted that he’s been outed and ignored. Maybe we’ve finally seen the last of him. (But I dream.)

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