Joe Biden Says Male Convicts Who Identify As Women Belong In Women’s Prisons

Erin Evans

The debate about where to house transgender prisoners – in men’s prisons or women’s prisons, based on physical or mental characteristics – has been around for awhile now.  It often comes up when a transgender woman (read: biological male) is placed in a women’s prison and then sexually assaults a fellow (female) prisoner.

Joe Biden appeared The Advocate’s LGBTQ Forum in Iowa, and gave position on the issue.  Of course, he’s in favor of prison assignments being based on a prisoner’s subjective gender identity, rather than biological fact:

Seems like a totally safe, sane policy.

Oh, wait.  Remember the sexual assaults I mentioned above?  This policy has so much potential to be abused and lead to abuse.  And most of that abuse will be against biological women.

Make no mistake: the transgender movement is dangerous for biological women and women’s rights.  We’re already seeing it in sports, as biological men “transition” into women, then compete against biological women despite their clear genetic advantage.

“Your sexual identity is defined by what you say it is” is a ridiculous notion.  Live how you want, but you can’t change nature and biology.  And somehow the left still claims to be the party of science.

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