6-Year-Old Girl Is Handcuffed And Arrested By Florida Police Officer For “Temper Tantrum,” Grandmother Speaks Out

Rachel S

Given everything we know about Florida Man, I think it’s fair to say that law enforcement in the Sunshine State have their hands full. It’s a lawless swamp land out there, and sometimes things can get out of hand.

Here’s an example of, well, not that.

A six year old girl was arrested, like, actually cuffed and taken to the station for fingerprints and a mug shot, in an Orlando school. Her offense? A sleep deprivation-induced temper tantrum. Her grandmother, Meralyn Kirkland, explained that her granddaughter was sent to the principal’s office after acting out in class.

Kirkland told WKMG-TV that while there, a school staff employee grabbed Kaia’s wrists, sparking her to lash out and kick her legs. The school resource officer — Officer Dennis Turner, of the Orlando Police Department — handcuffed Kaia and transported her to the Juvenile Assessment Center in Orlando on a battery charge.

Uhh. . . What?

Sgt. David Baker told the news outlet that for arrests of people under the age of 12, officers are required to get permission from their watch commander — which he said Turner did not do.

Kirkland claims that when she told Turner the 6-year-old has sleep apnea, which the family is “working on getting resolved,” the officer didn’t understand why that would be an excuse for the child.

“He says, ‘Well, I have sleep apnea, and I don’t behave like that,'” Kirkland claimed the officer told her.

I don’t know, Officer Turner, maybe because you’re an adult and not SIX FREAKING YEARS OLD?? Maybe it’s just me, but if your reaction to a sleep-deprived child acting out is to arrest that child, you shouldn’t be a school resource officer. Someone fire this guy.

Turner also reportedly arrested an 8-year-old that day in a separate incident on Thursday, according to WKMG. Baker told the news outlet Turner did not request permission for that child’s arrest, either. Authorities said an internal investigation is ongoing.

Meanwhile, also in Florida, the Parkland shooter got free pass after free pass, despite an ongoing rap sheet of offenses far worse than being tired and grumpy and six.

Kirkland says Kaia is supposed to report to court Oct. 16 and if she doesn’t a warrant will be issued for her arrest.

This is a farce. Who among us can honestly claim to never have behaved poorly after a bad night’s sleep? I can’t be the ONLY one who depends on coffee to prevent temper tantrums, and poor Kaia is too young to be having a daily cup o’ Joe. Someone in the justice system had better be ready to stand up for her.

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