“In Bill We Trusted”: De Blasio Mocked in Iowa with Fake Bills

Rachel S

Bill de Blasio is a joke. His campaign is a joke, and his tenure as mayor in New York City has been a joke. No one likes him. In fact, people are so sick of his sh*t that they’re willing to leave Manhattan and show up at the Iowa State Fair (which I assume must be like, the eighth circle of hell for people from NYC) just to make a point about how much they hate him.

A group of New York natives arrived in Iowa with fake dollar “bills” to distribute ahead of De Blasio’s arrival.

“I said to myself this guy’s wasting millions of dollars in taxpayer money to run for president when … nobody supports him,” group organizer Mike Fischer told the Post. “So we may as well print up dollar bills and hand it around and maybe he’ll get it.”

They have de Blasio’s face in the middle, and bear the phrase “In Bill we trusted in Iowa he fails New Yorkers.”

The phony notes are mostly modeled after the $1 bill, although the top reads: $1,000,000 taxpayers money spent on run for president.” Other jabs include “61,000 New Yorkers homeless.”

Ah, man, I love a good pun.

And I think this is a good point regarding almost all the Democrat primary candidates. Why, why, why oh why do you continue wasting people’s money for a race you KNOW you can’t win?? Are you that delusional??? Just give up. Come to terms with reality (not you, Marianne, I know how long a journey that is for you. You’re doing great, sweetie.).

The worst part is that De Blasio hardly has the worst track record of them all. If you’ve forgotten some of the other fiascos in these candidates’ pasts, Tulsi Gabbard would be happy to remind you. How can any of them look themselves in the mirror and honestly think they a) have a shot or b) actually deserve the office of the president?

The mind boggles, you guys. It effing BOGGLES.

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