Walmart Faces Slew of Violent Threats in Wake of El Paso, Dayton

Rachel S

What in the holy heck of insanity is happening right now?

Most of this country is brokenhearted over the tragedies in Dayton and El Paso this month. But a subset of evil, horrible people think it’s for some reason appropriate to sling threat after threat after threat of violence across the country, particularly at Walmart locations.

One psycho from Florida posted threats on social media, claiming that he was about to get his weapon returned and warned people against going to a Walmart in the next week.

Another Florida Walmart received a call threatening to shoot up a store.

In Texas, one child made a threat leading to the evacuation of a Walmart, and a different Walmart had terroristic threats made against them.


Most importantly, leave innocent, peace-loving people alone.

This is the clearest example of copycatting I’ve ever seen, and it disgusts me. There’s no excuse for this. I almost have to wonder if this is some sort of coordinated campaign from the deepest depths of the dark web. In any case, it’s clear that these people are not acting individually. There is a connection.

That’s why this article is so brief. No names, no pictures, no notoriety. It’s important that we all are aware of what’s happening, but we don’t need to know anything about the perpetrators outside of the fact that they are monsters.

We cannot keep giving role models to twisted people.

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