Agenda Exposed: Liberal Media Has Two Very Different Headlines On Mosque Massacre

Hannah Bleau

This is everything wrong with the media, summed up in this short story titled, “The Tale Of Two Headlines.”

The Daily Mail posted about the horrific mass shooting at mosques in New Zealand. This was the headline used on their US page:

And this was the headline used on their UK page:

Notice the difference? In the first, they name-drop Trump. In the second, they don’t.

While it’s true that that the psycho referenced Trump in his manifesto, nothing he said about Trump was true. He’s not a “symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose.” That’s utter rubbish, which makes Daily Mail’s first headline even MORE ridiculous. Trump had nothing to do with the attack. They only dropped his name to get a rise out of people. They knew it’d generate controversy, and again. That’s exactly what the gunman wanted.

h/t The Gateway Pundit