People Say The Suspected Mosque Shooter ‘Changed’ After Visiting North Korea

Hannah Bleau

The suspect who ruthlessly murdered dozens of people at a mosque in New Zealand has been identified, but we’re not putting his name here, because he doesn’t deserve the attention.

However, additional information is coming out about him, and it’s weird. Apparently, he traveled to North Korea (and a few other places) back in 2011, and he “changed” after that.

From the Washington Examiner:

He described himself as an “ordinary white man who decided to take a stand,” worked at the Big River Gym in New Zealand from 2009 to 2011, according to gym manager Tracey Gray.

“He was a very dedicated personal trainer,” Gray told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. “He worked in our program that offered free training to kids in the community, and he was very passionate about that. He was very good, very dedicated with his training. He would train a lot, and some could say quite excessively, but then he was passionate about health and fitness and making those changes in his personal space.”

Gray said after Tarrant left the gym in 2011, he funded travel to Europe and Asia through cryptocurrency like bitcoin. Gray cited Tarrant’s travels, which included a stop in North Korea, as the reason he changed. She also mentioned that his father died while Gray was in high school, due to an asbestos-related illness.

He also visited Pakistan. Yeah– a “white supremacist” decided to travel to NK and Pakistan. That doesn’t make much sense, does it?

That’s bizarre. I’m not exactly sure if that visit made him a murderous monster. It’s probably just a weird coincidence. People are trying to connect dots– dots that don’t even exist– in order to make sense of this senseless tragedy.