VIDEO: Samantha Bee’s Response To Ilhan Omar’s Jewish Comments Is Frightening

Hannah Bleau

The controversy over Rep. Ilhan Omar’s constant anti-Semitic remarks and attitude has fallen to the wayside. The House voted on a resolution to condemn all forms of hate but failed to call out Omar specifically.

It was a ridiculous attempt to deflect.

Omar’s remarks made some Democrats uncomfortable, but others are proudly supporting her. No no– I’m not just talking about Rashida Tlaib and AOC. I’m talking about Samantha Bee. She’s actually upset that Democrats “threw her under the bus,” (Omar) even though they didn’t because THEY DIDN’T EVEN USE HER NAME IN THE RESOLUTION INSPIRED BY HER HATEFUL REMARKS.

“For weeks now, congresswoman Ilhan Omar has been under fire for comments that some said were anti-Semitic,” Bee said. “First, because she tweeted, ‘It’s all about the Benjamins baby,’ in reference to the Israel lobby. Okay, whether she meant it that way or not, that was messed up. She should apologize.”

More from the Daily Wire:

Bee attempted to defend Omar by noting that she did apologize when enough pressure was put upon her, which was immediately undone by the fact that Omar later spoke about how the Israel lobby forces Jews to have “dual loyalty.” The segment devolved into a series of whataboutisms as Bee attempted to paint Trump – whose own daughter and grandchildren are Jewish, and who moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem – as anti-Semitic for comments he made while speaking at the Republican Jewish Coalition in 2015.

Yeah. That was her move. She proceeded to blast Democrats for failing to properly defend Omar.

“Democrats want to be the big tent diverse party,” Bee explained. “They are more than willing to pose with Omar on magazines covers, but when she tried to talk about a truly difficult topic, which is her job as an elected official, and her life was in danger, they kind of threw her under the bus.”

“Ilhan Omar went from being a Somalian refugee to a fearless Congresswoman on the hill, and has demonstrated that she is willing to learn,” she added. “She is part of a group of young progressives that is starting a lot of uncomfortable and overdue conversations on the left about climate change, and health care, and yes, Israel and Palestine. The Democrats need to let them have that conversation respectfully and not let Republicans drive the bus.”

Everything you need to know about the Democratic Party, right there.

h/t Daily Wire