David Hogg Says People Who Own AR-15s Are ‘Hunting Human Beings’

Hannah Bleau

Andrea Mitchell, who will forever be the “journalist” who looked at Hillary Clinton like this…

…recently interviewed David Hogg. MSNBC is still interested in what he has to say, which is comical.

Here’s some news: If you own an AR-15, it’s probably because you’re an evil person who’s hunting another human being.

“The truth of the matter is weapons like the AR-15 have an effective range of over 1,500 meters,” Hogg told Mitchell. “If you’re using a weapon with an effective range of over 1,500 meters, you are not defending yourself. You are hunting a human being.”

Andrea Mitchell just accepted that nonsense.


AR-15s are one of the most popular guns in America, so that’s awk too.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation, the trade group for the firearms industry, estimated last year that more than 16 million AR-15 and similar rifles had been produced or imported to the United States over the past 25 years. Still, Hogg said no civilians should be allowed to possess those kinds of firearms.

“I don’t think any civilian needs to have their hands on a military weapon like that,” Hogg said.

I don’t think any civilian needs to have an uneducated idiot telling them what they can and cannot own.

h/t Free Beacon