PSA From The Chicks: Hygiene Isn’t Conservative Or Liberal. It Just IS.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

So, the other night, we shared a post from a radio segment we do a few times a week called Chicks Uncooped. It’s not played on the airwaves – it’s only available on line or via podcast, because generally it covers topics that are naughty or adult-only in some way. From time to time, we share those clips on our Facebook page, as we did with this one.

That clip was about a 24 year old uncircumcised dude who had gone through his entire 24 years not realizing that he was supposed to CLEAN HIS JUNK.

For real. The story was all over the internet, and we were mortified by it, and decided we didn’t want to know about it alone, so that was our Uncooped topic for the day.

Invariably, anytime we post things that aren’t political, or that offend the delicate sensibilities of some of our more triggered readers, we get comments on those posts questioning why we’re posting them, why we aren’t talking about more important things, why we have to be so this or so that, why we are the way we are, blah blah blah. Most of our longtime followers “get” us – they know that we’re not just here to talk politics – we’re here to have fun and tell you stories in the way we would if we were having cocktails with you. But then there are people like this lady, who I’ll just call PJ:

A lot of people asked if we’d been hacked, which I found hilarious.  They must all be new here.

PJ wasn’t satisfied with making her voice heard on the post itself.  Nope – she took herself to our wall to announce her dissatisfaction further:

I TOTALLY call BS on so many parts of this message.

  1.  No way she’s been a fan of ours for years.  If she had been, she’d know full well that we write and talk about ALL THE THINGS, not just political things.
  2.  Discussing the hygiene of a dude isn’t conservative OR liberal.  It’s just hygiene, for crying out loud.  Trying to say that our post was “not conservative” because it was about a topic that PJ couldn’t handle emotionally without running for a safe space is simply idiotic.
  3.  Last I checked, we don’t get paid to write or talk about what PJ finds interesting or relevant.
  4. Again, discussion of hygiene isn’t necessarily something to be found on “some liberal page” any more than it is a conservative page, because it’s HYGIENE.  It’s universal.  It applies to literally everyone, and therefore could be found on ANY PAGE EVER.
  5. I about fell out of my chair laughing at PJ’s expectation that we’d apologize for and remove the post.  Just another bit of evidence that she has NOT followed us for years.

This was my initial response to PJ:


After that, I wrote this:

PJ didn’t appreciate that.

WTF?  Why would PJ assume Kamala would or WOULDN’T be interested in a post about male hygiene?  Content about male hygiene is relatable only to young people now?  Whizzah whuzzah?

Look, if you’re a person who has followed us for years and you decide to “disassociate” because you are triggered by ONE POST, you have issues.

I hope PJ DOES share the post and our response to her in her “FB political group” and I guess we just have to hope that we’re not completely ruined by the fallout.  (“Good luck” – she said.  Seriously?)

Anyway, coupla PSAs:

  1.  Hygiene is not political.
  2.  Don’t tell us what to write about, because it’s pointless. Suggestions and tips?  Always welcome.  Bitchy posts like PJ’s?  They’re never ever ever ever gonna get us to change. Ever.
  3.  If you don’t like what we write, that’s totally OK.  You don’t need to dramatically exit in a huff.  You can just go.  Like a normal person.

We’ll be over here.  Doin’ our thang.


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