Beto Apparently Believes That Border Walls ‘End Lives’

Hannah Bleau

This might be the most brain dead thing to ever fall out of Beto’s mouth.

During last night’s counter-rally, Beto said walls “end lives.”

I know what you’re thinking. Maybe he’s SO dumb that he doesn’t understand the difference between OPPRESSIVE walls– like the Berlin wall– and SOVEREIGN NATIONS securing their borders.

I’m sorry to tell you that it sounds like he was legitimately referring to the latter specifically.

Basically, border walls are murderous because they force lawbreakers to take bigger risks to try to get into the country illegally. When we secure our borders, we’re not thinking of the criminals! We’re making it more dangerous for them. And don’t even THINK about suggesting that these people try to come here legally, because that’s just plain racist.

I guess he doesn’t care about the results on the other side of the border. Our side. It keeps AMERICAN CITIZENS safe and secure. But honestly– who cares? He sure as heck doesn’t!

Oh. That’s awk.

So yeah. If we don’t implement an open borders policy, we’re essentially killing people, according to Beto. Good to know.

h/t The Right Scoop