DC Paper Calls Lindsey Graham One Of DC’s “Most Eligible LGBT Singles”

Ashley (Kimber)

Hateful libs have swung the “OMG LINDSEY GRAHAM IS GAYYYYY. HE’S SO GAYYYY” thing around for AGES.



Niiiice. Always interesting how these WARRIORS for “tolerance” and LGBT justice will turn around and use sexuality as a weapon. SO TOLERANT.

Anyway, a DC paper decided to dial the bullying up a notch.


See… Lindsey Graham has never said he’s gay. But if he WERE gay (and I actually wouldn’t even care) this would be forcibly “outing him” which the left claims is a horrific thing to do. Are there different standards if this rumored gay person is a prominent conservative (Haha. CLEARLY.)

The actual article did not mention Lindsey Graham at all.

(You can read the article here if eligible DC LGBT singles are something you’re in to. )

The only mention of Graham?

A subline that read: “Sen. Lindsey Graham didn’t quite make the cut.”

According to this:

The paper included Graham in a different piece, published on Saturday — titled, “Is It Homophobic To Speculate About A Politician’s Sexuality?”

The article discusses whether or not it’s ethical to “out” politicians, with author James Wellemeyer seemingly implying that if the individual has “done no harm” to the LGBT community, outing them is not advisable.

Outing as a political tactic and as a general practice remain controversial. Most agree that revealing the sexual orientation of an individual who has done no harm to the LGBT community is unethical. In some cases, outing can even subject LGBT people to physical danger

Ok… how exactly has he done “harm” to them? By being a Conservative Republican?

And interesting how they’ll write virtue signaling pieces like this, and still slap his face across their misleading cover, huh?