Joe Manchin Reveals What It Was Like To Be The SOLE SANE DEMOCRAT At SOTU

Ashley (Kimber)

WATCH: Manchin Explains What It’s Like To Be Last Reasonable Democrat On Earth

Joe Manchin, the Democrat Senator of West Virginia, has made a bit of a name for himself by bucking Democrat norms and expectations. His appearance at the SOTU was no different. Manchin clapped as President Trump spoke of the success and achievement of our great nation… and it came at a cost.

Once again, we are reminded that thinking for yourself is AGAINST THE RULES of the Democratic party.

According to Daily Wire:

Aside from Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), there were only a handful of Democrats who stood up to applaud the president during the speech. And the Democrats who did dare to show support for Trump, like Manchin, were not received well by their fellow Democrats.

Speaking to high school students at West Virginia’s Webster County High School on Wednesday, Manchin revealed that he could hear boos behind him when he stood up to applaud the president, though he was unsure if they were directed at him or Trump, and could “feel the daggers,” especially when he had the gall to applaud Trump’s call to end gruesome late-term abortion.

The most “controversial thing I applauded,” said Manchin, according to The Washington Examiner, were pro-life statements. “Well, there’s just no way that I could ever. I mean how anybody could support late-term abortions?”

That’s EXACTLY the question I keep asking myself. HOW?

And HOW does Joe Manchin still align himself with a party that has made this their most important issue?

“Late-term abortions, my goodness. It would have to be a dire medical situation,” continued Manchin, adding that full-term abortion bills supported by prominent Democrats are “just totally unconscionable to me.”

Amen. The fact that this is a conversation we’re having now is beyond heartbreaking. How did we get here?

Addressing a photo of Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez staring down the senator for standing and applauding Trump’s pro-life remarks, Manchin said, “My goodness. Well, I could hear the boos a little bit, you know, I didn’t know if the boos were for the president or for me standing, I wasn’t sure. But I could sure feel the daggers.”


And he’s clearly not the only one feeling the heat. As I wrote last week, Arizona Kyrsten Sinema was apparently told to “watch her A$$” by fellow Democrats when applauding the “Right to Try Act, which allows for the gravely ill to try experimental drugs, Sinema stood up and enthusiastically applauded. The bill, notably, got its start in Arizona.”

Seriously. Go check THAT out. 

Manchin also revealed that Trump personally thanked him for standing and applauding bipartisan actions he expressed on Tuesday night.

“I said, ‘Mr. President, I’ve always stated that I know my state well and that it’s something that my state and I represent the people of my state, I’m going to stand up and be respectful. When I thought the things that you were saying resonated with something I might believe in but definitely my state supports, I’m gonna be there and show the courtesy and manners that I think that I was raised with,'” the senator revealed.

It’s far past time Joe Manchin re-examine his party affiliation. I’ve literally been saying this for years.