This Is What Real Girl Power Looks Like. FYI.

Daisy, Co-Founder

Mock and I get a TON of emails on a daily basis, and a lot of them are wanting to tell us about their endeavors and business ventures and organizations and GoFundMes and whatnot.  We simply don’t have the bandwidth to share everything, but occasionally one will catch our eye that makes us go “hmmmm.”  And Madison Nicole Robinson definitely caught our eye.   Madison is the creator and designer of FishFlops Footwear for kids, and she made me do a double-take for a few reasons.  One, she made me think immediately of my own daughter.  Madison created her brand when she was just 8 years old – my sweet baby girl is 8 (about to turn 9 in February).  And unless my daughter gets an academic or sports scholarship one day (which is possible, but Mr. Daisy and I don’t count on that, so save save saaaaaaaaaave), it’s pretty much a given that she’ll go to a Texas state school for college one day.  That’s what we’re all shooting for as a family, anyway.  Now, I’m not going to say that I personally hope it’s Texas A&M, but I’m not NOT going to say that, either.  And Madison is a junior at Texas A&M’s May’s School of Business.  So double-whammy.

And then I see that she’s conservative.  And a go-getter.  And she’s giving back to kids in need.  And also adorable?  Whaaaaaaat?

All the feels, y’all.  A girl after my own heart.

You have NO IDEA how much I love seeing young, hardworking, entrepreneur chicks following their dreams and getting stuff DONE, y’all.  It makes me deliriously happy.   When I see snowflakes all over the place whining about how song lyrics and Rudolph are triggering them, I see someone like Madison kicking butt, creating, and running her own successful empire – as a junior in undergraduate school, no less.

And I know there’s hope for this country.

Not only is she kicking all the butt, but as I mentioned above, she’s giving back, too.  Right now, she’s working in conjunction with Children’s Miracle Network with her latest campaign, FishFlops.  They are PRECIOUS:

Anywho, it’s Christmas-time, and we hardly ever push products out here on our site, but if you are wanting to support a fellow conservative chick?  Madison would be a good one, you’d be getting an adorable present for someone (or yourself), and you’d be helping children in need. If nothing else, show your young daughters what Madison is doing, because this is #girlpower at its finest.  My daughter thinks Madison is the coolest – it beats Ariana Grande or Kardashian worship anyday.

You can buy 2 pairs and get one free with the code cmn2018.  (I’m totally getting the Lips ones for my daughter, FYI.  Because A.DOR.A.BLE.)

Saaaaalute to you, Madison!  And in case anyone out there was still wondering, this is what real empowerment looks like.  Take aaaaalll the notes, feminists.