Jeb Bush Says Trump ‘Couldn’t Have Been Nicer’ Following George H.W. Bush’s Passing

Hannah Bleau

One thing you might’ve forgotten in the midst of all of these memorial events. Jeb Bush also ran for president and lost bad in primaries to President Trump. It was ugly. You remember, right?

All that goes out the window when things are put back into perspective. That’s why I’m so glad to hear that Trump called to pay his respects, and Jeb said he “couldn’t have been nicer.”

On Tuesday, while speaking before the WSJ CEO Council, Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor, thanked both Donald and Melania Trump for their graciousness throughout this process, adding that President Trump “couldn’t have been nicer” when he called to pay his respects.

None of that means, however, that Jeb Bush and President Trump’s differences have been resolved. In the same talk, Jeb spoke about his father’s famous call for a “kinder, gentler America” and how that needs to come back.

“Politically it’s not winning,” Mr. Bush said of his father’s style. “But that’s not to say we shouldn’t restore it.”

“A whole lot of people focused on solving problems, and they know that with civility and kindness and compassion and generosity of spirit you can do far more than pushing people down and making yourself look better.” Jeb added. “I’m much more optimistic because I don’t come here often.”

They have different styles. That hasn’t changed, but that’s beside the point. Everyone has been keeping it classy, and that’s all we can really ask for.

At one point, someone asked why Trump wouldn’t deliver the eulogy at the funeral. It’s simple: It just so happens that George H.W. Bush’s son, George W. Bush, was a former POTUS too. That’s why. It has nothing to do with them secretly hating Trump or whatever.

“What people want to talk about is, Well, why isn’t the president giving the eulogy?’ It’s because we have a unique circumstance here my brother was president,” he said. “I’m sorry. First dibs.”

It’s nice to see that everyone is capable of classing up in order to honor a man’s legacy.

Here’s a bit from the Q&A session:

h/t Daily Wire

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