James Woods Makes Our Lives Just A Little Bit Better With This Video We Didn’t Know We Needed

Ashley (Kimber)

It’s ugly out there, folks.

Seriously. Politics are getting nastier by the minute. This Dianne Feinstein “letter” thing? I mean… how low will we get?

What is political rock bottom?

We’re not there yet. I legitimately fear things will get much, much worse before they get better… and I confess, my soul is exhausted.

I have tomorrow off. I plan on doing some gardening, taking my dog to a quiet mountain trail, making cheese-steak stuffed portobello mushrooms, and possibly heading down to a turquoise shop off the highway I keep meaning to stop in. I don’t want to look at the internet or the news ONCE.

I need a day away from all the political clusterf*ck.

It takes a toll on ALL of us. Even the very spiciest among us…including JAMES FREAKING WOODS.

Sometimes we wanna cut the crap out and just watch something that takes us away from all the nonsense, ya know?

Anyway… that was a super long introduction for this sweet little video. I hope it’s exactly what you needed today:

Thanks, James.

I obviously needed that.