Cynthia Nixon Campaigns On Making It “Easier To Vote ” – Then Blames High Voter Turnout For Her Loss

Ashley (Kimber)

Cynthia Nixon was ALL ABOUT “getting out the vote” when she was running against Andrew Cuomo in the NY Gubernatorial primaries.


She lost.


Which MUST mean the incumbent’s “deliberate strategy” to keep voters from voting must have worked… right?


Um.. no. Not quite.


So when she was running, low voter turnout “kept incumbents in power.”

Now that she’s lost, HIGH voter turnout kept incumbents in power.

Funny how that works, eh?


Meaning her FIRST argument could not have been a bigger crock of BS.

Radical leftists like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) win when incumbents, and their supporters, get lazy and complacent. 1,000 people show up to vote… 600 of them are every single one the radical leftists’ rabid supporters.

But f’real. Cynthia’s campaign is complaining about HIGH VOTER TURNOUT. I mean… wtf? Don’t say that OUT LOUD, you nutjobs.

Strangely enough… I was sort of kind of rooting for her.


Well… Cuomo and Nixon are both liberal wacks.

But Cuomo has PROVEN that he’ll run the city to the ground. Why not give someone new a chance to f*ck up, as opposed to keep letting the same old corrupt scumbag KEEP f*cking up – you know? She won’t do more damage than Cuomo – but Cuomo won’t do all the crap he did AND GET AWAY WITH IT.

It’s some “definition of insanity” stuff here.