Ashley Judd Has Bronchitis So She’d Like You To See Her Boobs.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

I feel compelled to put my standard warning that I put in all of my Ashley Judd posts – and that is, if you can’t deal with the fact that Ashley Judd brings out my cattiness, and that when I write about her the cattiness kind of just explodes out of me, please click away from this post right now. Because there’s about to be some cattiness ALL UP IN HERE.

No, really.  I’m serious about this.  I make no apologies for this.  So don’t attempt to lecture me out of my cattiness, because it won’t work.  Not when it comes to Ashley Judd.

You’ve been warned.  If you get up on your high horse after you read this and make some sort of comment about this being beneath me or whatever, I’m just going to mock you, because I CAN’T WARN YOU ANY HARDER than I am right now.  No one is forcing you to read this.  If you do choose to read beyond this point, YOU ARE CATTY by association, and you might as well just own it.

Now then.

This is what Ashley Judd posted on IG.


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Thankful for beautiful vignettes in #Croatia as I struggle to film while sick with bronchitis…a cool pretty place to sit and rest is a balm.

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If you can’t see the embedded post, here’s a screenshot:

See that?  She’s sick with bronchitis, you guys.  So she did what anyone else with bronchitis would do – she posted a photo that literally PULLS YOUR EYES right into her cleavage.

You know, to showcase the area affected by bronchitis.

What – you don’t do that when you have bronchitis?


Keep in mind, this is the same woman who posted about having to constantly be conscious of the ever present #malegaze.  Remember?  I wasn’t even catty about that – I was just right.  The amount of time she spends putting her boobs on display is probably pretty proportional to the amount of time she chooses to be offended by the #malegaze, which is #ridiculous and #whyfeministsaremorons.

Which all reminds me of this meme I saw the other day.

Anyway, I hope Ashley’s boobs feel better soon.