SCREW Due Process! Alyssa Milano Wastes NO TIME Spreading Kavanaugh #MeToo Rumors

Ashley (Kimber)

There once was a time when Alyssa Milano pretended to be SUPER PASSIONATE about Due Process:

Due process for illegal immigrants, I suppose. NOT for potential Supreme Court Judges.


If you don’t know what Feinstein is up to with her cryptic Kavanaugh #MeToo garbage, you should catch up here.

It went a little something like this, only in reverse, of course:

Seriously. That’s what she pulled.

So of course, he’s basically a confirmed rapist now.

At least… That’s what Miss “Due Process” Milano seems to think:

AGAIN… we have no evidence of this WHATSOEVER.

Dianne just says she has a “Secret letter.”

That’s literally IT.

None of these a$$clowns seem to care:



Again… there is no evidence.

We have NO idea what the allegations against him really even entail.

But who cares? “WE GOT ‘IM!”

We’ve gone from “believe all women” to “believe all secret letters and baseless allegations ever.”


Good job, #MeToo.

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