Omarosa Doubles Down, Says Some WEIRD Stuff About People ‘Getting It On’ In The White House

Hannah Bleau

Omarosa is busy trying to pimp out her new book ““UNHINGED: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House,” except…it’s not exactly going as planned. Some of the most “scandalous” claims made in her book are already being debunked by the people she supposedly spoke to.

Exhibit A: George Conway.

You hear that in the back? “Any suggestion he would have used such slurs is preposterous.”

Exhibit B: Frank Luntz

Exhibit C: Omarosa herself.

She’s getting worse. She actually told TMZ that Trump is trying to start a race war. Also, she wants you to know that there’s a “White House Barbie,” as well as a lot of people “getting it on” in the White House.

As TMZ stated:

She hawks her book during the conversation, but drops some pretty salacious tidbits. She says there’s someone in The White House with the nickname, White House Barbie.

She also says people were “getting it on” at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, and even drops a famous name.

She’s insane, and I don’t know why anyone takes her seriously.

h/t TMZ