Strange “Hissing” Package Falls From The Sky – With A Message For Trump!

Ashley (Kimber)

A suspicious, “hissing” package mysteriously fell from the sky today in New Jersey.

Think I’m kidding? I’m not.


According to CBS:

A suspicious package that fell from the sky over New Jersey caused some alarm because it contained a note that mentioned President Donald Trump. South Brunswick police say the package, attached to a parachute, was making a hissing sound and included a note that said: “NASA Atmospheric Research Instrument NOT A BOMB!” If this lands near the President, we at NASA wish him a great round of golf.”

Weeeeell, nothing puts you at ease quite like a note that says “this is NOT a bomb,” right? And yes – it COULD have landed close to Trump. The President has been staying at his golf club in Bedminster – only 29 miles away from where the parachuted package landed.

But, I mean seriously…this is odd, right?

I guess it was some kind of ozone measuring device… but the researchers aren’t too happy with the guy that attached the note.

“The weather researchers were apologetic for any concerns they had raised by the hand written note on the device,” police said in a statement.

Yeeeah. Maybe next time write what it actually IS on the box – instead of “This is not a BOMB.” It might get people to actually BELIEVE it’s not a bomb.

NASA told WNBC-TV the package, which fell on Tuesday, is part of six balloons that were launched to measure ozone. It says a summer student employee wrote the note in a “misguided attempt to be lighthearted,” and that the student has been removed from the project.

D’awwww! Now I kinda feel bad for the student! He was just trying to be funny! …but failed miserably.