ANOTHER ONE Of Omarosa’s VILE, Race-Baiting Claims Gets ENTIRELY Shot Down

Ashley (Kimber)

As I mentioned earlier, George Conway, Kellyanne Conway’s husband, SHREDDED Omarosa Manigault’s claim that President Trump had called him racial slurs…

This, despite the fact he’s made no secret of his HATRED for his wife’s employer (Who just so happens to be the President of the United States).

Sarah Sanders then released a statement absolutely obliterating her for “trying to profit off these false attacks.”

And it looks like someone else is speaking up to SLAM Omarosa’s full-blown RACE-BAITING LIES.

Absolutely ridiculous.

All of it.

Shame on anyone who falls for Omarosa’s nonsense. And shame on anyone who buys her book- PROVING there’s profit to be made out of peddling FLAT OUT LIES.

This really is despicable.