Chelsea Clinton Is Headlining A Pro-Abortion Rally Designed To ‘Stop’ Brett Kavanaugh

Hannah Bleau

Attention townspeople: Planned Parenthood is going to stop the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh dead in its tracks!

Except…no they aren’t, because he’s already been nominated. #StayInSchoolKids

Libs are convinced that women’s rights as we know it will be stripped away the moment Kavanaugh is confirmed, which serves as a reminder that these people have absolutely no idea how any of this works.

Our rights were given to us by God. Government has no right to take them away. The Constitution was put in place to PRESERVE and RECOGNIZE those rights. Those rights should be applied to babies in the womb, because they are PEOPLE who deserve life. That’s why we don’t see eye to eye with the pro-abortion crowd. They don’t want to extend Constitutional rights to unborn babies. We do.

Most of the feminist pro-abortion crowd won’t even listen to our rationale. They only have hysterics on their side. “Brett Kavanaugh will TAKE WOMEN’S RIGHTS AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!”


That’s all they’ve got, and unfortunately, far too many political figures are parroting the same line. That brings me to this.

Chelsea Clinton is headlining a pro-abortion rally to stop the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh.


The same dimwits who run PP’s account must run this one, because they got it wrong again.

As you can see, the event is called “Rise Up For Roe,” and I have to say. At least they’re being honest with themselves. Check out the bio.

Mass hysteria and Chelsea Clinton. It’s all they have. Sad!