People Can’t Stop Mocking Michael Avenatti’s Weird ‘Walk’

Hannah Bleau

Michael Avenatti has teased a presidential run multiple times.

Do I think he’s serious? Debatable. He’s SUCH a self-obsessed attention hog that I wouldn’t be surprised if he was doing this for, well, attention.

Well, heads up. If he’s serious and decides to go on the campaign trail to “rural America,” we’ll probably see a whole lot more of this…Michael Avenatti meeting grass for the first time.

Gee, he’s JUST LIKE US! Look at him go!

I’m with Twitchy. What’s WITH that walk?

Serious question: Is this how he thinks you have to walk on a farm? I’m v. confused. This is the guy equivalent of a girl who tries to walk in 4 inch heels for the first time. (You KNOW that “baby deer” walk I’m talking about, ladies!)

True that.

h/t Twitchy