North Korea Claims The United States Isn’t Holding Up Its Part Of The Agreement

Hannah Bleau

Talk about a strange twist.

Believe it or not, North Korea is claiming that the United States isn’t holding up its part of the agreement.

Pyongyang said while it had taken “such practical denuclearization steps as discontinuing nuclear test and ICBM test fire” and “broadminded measures” like the repatriation of US Korean War remains, “the US responded to our expectation by inciting international sanctions and pressure against (North Korea).”

And the weirdest part? North Korea isn’t calling out President Trump specifically.

The statement, credited to North Korea’s Foreign Ministry, notably did not blame Trump but singled out “some high-level officials within the US administration” who it said were going against the President’s will. It also echoed criticism of previous administrations’ approaches to North Korea that Trump himself has made.

If that’s what North Korea truly believes, I guess the mixed signals make sense. Remember, a few weeks ago, we heard that North Korea was dismantling on of its nuclear sites.

Shortly after, news broke that the regime was actively working on missiles.

Talk about mixed messaging.

I wonder who the specific beef is with– John Bolton? Mike Pompeo? What’s going on?

I guess it doesn’t matter, because North Korea will find ANY reason to weasel its way out of holding up its end of the bargain. Let’s be honest.

h/t CNN