Tomi Lahren Keeps Digging That Hole… And A WHOLE BUNCH Of Notable Conservatives Are Setting Her Straight

Ashley (Kimber)

Tomi Lahren is digging her heels in while supporting Roe v. Wade…

But she’s digging herself a pretty mighty hole in the process.

Only… who’s implying this, Tomi?

I’m not here for “religious judicial activism.” In fact, while my faith is important to me, I keep it out of my discussion of politics. Conservatives have reason and COLD HARD FACTS on our side. While our moral code determines our values… Conservatism doesn’t need a Biblical back-up. It stands alone. Why bring in religion to argue for Conservatism, when those you’re arguing against have nothing but scorn for religion?

Additionally, the legal argument against Roe V. Wade is the EXACT opposite of “religious judicial activism.” Roe WAS judicial activism. The argument against Roe is more firmly grounded in the fact that it’s unconstitutional than in the belief that abortion is immoral.

Many notable conservatives spoke out to say JUST that:


Gonna be honest… I trust every single person up there to know what they’re talking about more than Tomi Lahren.

And here’s the thing… I often criticize the left for disallowing free thought or dissent. We should not do the same. Tomi is ALLOWED to have a different opinion than “mainstream conservatives” about abortion.


She needs to be careful when it comes to having a different opinion… and twisting facts.

Opinion: Abortion is bad.

Fact: Roe V. Wade was a case of CLEAR judicial activism.

I hold that opinion, and acknowledge that fact. They ARE separate.