Paul Joseph Watson Takes On The Trump Baby Balloon – And The Baby Khan Response

Ashley (Kimber)

Surely you’ve heard about the ridiculous Trump baby ballon, right?

Sadiq Khan approved the baby blimp…

But would he approve a similar blimp of HIMSELF?

Well… here’s our chance to find out.

In light of the Donald Trump ‘Baby Trump’ ballon being allowed to fly over London during his visit to the U.K., let’s get a ‘baby Khan’ one and see if FREE SPEECH applies to all and whether or not Mr Khan and the London assembly will also approve this.

Under Sadiq Khan, we have seen crime sky rocket to unprecedented levels. People in London don’t feel safe and they aren’t safe, 81 murders this year alone! Khan Out.

Any surplus money raised will be used for a continuing campaign to remove Sadiq Khan from office and also for defending free speech which is constantly under attack.

Of course transparency of all money will be available.

Paul Joseph Watson spoke to the guy behind it:

And the money is coming in!


I cannot WAIT to see how this goes.