NARAL Comes For ‘Fratboy Brett’ Kavanaugh… Gets SCHOOLED On Roe v. Wade History

Ashley (Kimber)

The left is making a fool of themselves trying to find ways and reasons to hate Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

The latest? He’s a “FRAT BOY and his name is BRETT! EWW!”

“We’ll be DAMNED if we’re going to let five MEN—including some frat boy named Brett—strip us of our hard-won bodily autonomy and reproductive rights,” NARAL Tweeted, adding, “#StopKavanaugh #SaveRoe.”

I’m sorry… but REALLY?

I hate to admit that I actually expected something slightly more compelling than this.

This is embarrassing… even for NARAL. And that’s saying A LOT.

Additionally….it’s funny how the genders of the judges somehow ONLY matter when the ruling might not benefit them, huh?

Roe v. Wade was decided by seven men.

This was far from the only ridiculous part of this Tweet. It’s just SUCH a cluster:

“Frat Boy Brett” has been sitting on a Federal bench for over a decade.

What are they even getting at?


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