Liberals Are #Triggered By Melania Trump’s Shoes…Again

Hannah Bleau

Donald and Melania Trump are in Europe for the NATO summit, but please ignore that and let’s instead obsess over Melania Trump’s shoes.

Leaving the White House on Monday, Melania wore an A-line skirt and a prim red sweater paired with “So Kate” Louboutins covered in a pattern inspired by the tan craft paper color of the brand’s boxes and bags.

She appeared to have changed the entire look on the plane and emerged in another pair of Louboutins — a classic black leather style, which were also 4.8 inches — and a structured Burberry trench coat.

1.) Those are fabulous. 2.) How does she walk in them? 3.) Libs are melting down, per usual.

You cannot be serious…

Are you blind though?

Is that an insult now? Calling a woman’s feet “old”? Feet ageists?

Now you can be TOO OLD for classy shoes? Why are we making up these ridiculous rules?

Can I just add something? Melania Trump was rich BEFORE she was FLOTUS, so it’s kinda dumb to be pissed at her for wearing something she would’ve worn on a regular basis in her previous life anyway. Just throwing that out there.

h/t NY Post