Huffington Post Reporter Accidentally Proves That Their Hatred Of Brett Kavanaugh Is Hypocritical As Eff

Hannah Bleau

A yes. We have another “A Tale of Two Headlines” story! Sit down and buckle up. This one is a doozy!

Emily Peck is a senior Huffington Post reporter who sees right past Brett Kavanaugh’s “hey I’m a dad of two girls” shtick.

She tries to argue that Kavanaugh is STILL an anti-woman weirdo, even though he’s a very attentive father to his two precious daughters.

The whole enterprise pushes the narrative that this man is a friend to women. Maybe even a feminist. After all, he spoke winningly about how his mother “overcame obstacles” to become a trial judge — a signal, perhaps, that he understands the kind of systemic discrimination women once faced. He spoke of trying to bond with his daughters. Clearly, he must respect girls and women. Or at least that’s the message.

The overall suggestion is not unlike what you hear from powerful men when they’re reacting to some terrible news story about sexual harassment or discrimination. They couch their understanding of the news in their status as a father or grandfather or husband.

“As a father, I cannot abide such behavior,” the typical statement goes.

She claims those guys are “displaying a thirsty eagerness to show that they’re not ‘that guy.’ The vibe is kind of ‘I am a nice man who defends and protects women because I have in my possession women to protect.'”

“I have in my possession women to protect.” Who the heck thinks that way?

Insane feminists. They do.

Playing up Kavanaugh as some kind of gentle, good dad seems to be a fairly transparent effort to sidestep all this stuff. To try to make this man less terrifying by reassuring women that he’s a nice daddy.

Women don’t want some kind of paternalistic sports dude on the Supreme Court. Most of them want a justice who can recognize the humanity of all Americans and the rights of women to control their bodies. (Of course, not all women feel that reproductive rights are important.)

I believe in upholding the rights of those babies– AKA those beings women choose to reproduce. And I also believe that– in the very least– leave it up to the states. Why are liberals so afraid of individual states determining the future of abortion?

Whatever. Back to Emily’s hypocrisy. Check out the headline of this article she wrote last year. And look who’s in the picture.

Sooooo…does her latest article apply to Obama as well, or does it only apply to conservative men? Does the “daughter effect” no longer apply here? What gives?

Beats me.

But listen– she’s not contradicting herself, because reasons!