Even The PRESS Couldn’t Help But Laugh At Trump’s Dad Joke

Ashley (Kimber)

While I LOVE that President Trump plays hardball with other foreign leaders, it’s definitely nice to see him getting along with one of our oldest allies.

Cameras captured a cute little bro-ment between him and Macron that was goofy enough to make the PRESS laugh.

According to Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump joked that he enjoyed French President Emanuel Macron’s official statement during a bilateral meeting despite not being able to understand what he was saying.

“It sounded beautiful. I have no idea what he said. It sounded great,” Trump said after Macron’s statement, earning widespread laughter throughout the entire room. Macron laughed at Trump’s joke, as well, and explained he was remembering the president’s visit a year prior to Paris, France, for the Bastille Day celebration.

Hyuck, hyuck, hyuck!

TOTAL dad joke for sure, but you gotta admit it was pretty cute.

Trump’s meeting with Macron came on the sidelines of the annual NATO summit where he previously met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Trump has criticized NATO countries for failing to meet their defense spending obligations under the alliance, with a goal of hitting 2 percent.

Told you about that earlier... and yeah. It hasn’t all been fun and games. Things have gotten pretty tense.

Germany currently spends only 1.24 percent of its GDP on defense with France spending 1.79 percent. Only five countries out of 29 in the alliance meet the goal of 2 percent of GDP with the U.S. spending approximately 3.57 percent.

Trump won’t stand for it…

And other countries are starting to get the message.