Ted Cruz Is Crushing His Opponent In The Polls

Hannah Bleau

Polls aren’t foolproof. The 2016 election established that. Still, they’re interesting to follow.

Even though the midterm elections are months away, I’ve been checking in on the numbers in races that interest me. One of the races I’m casually following? Sen. Ted Cruz’s. If you recall, his challenger is that anti-gun Democrat Beto O’Rourke. He’s been fundraising like crazy, but that hasn’t translated to the polls. At least, not quite yet. Here’s the latest from Real Clear Politics:

Not bad, but I’d like to see a greater margin.

Cruz told NY Mag that he anticipates a higher Democratic turnout in November, but he seems to be banking on the fact that there are more people with Actual Brains more conservatives in Texas.

“There is no doubt that the far left in Texas and across the country is energized right now,” he told NY Mag. “We are going to see very high Democratic turnout in November.

“That being said, there are a whole lot more conservatives in Texas than liberals,” he added.

The other race I’m really interested in? Florida’s gubernatorial race. I’m on #TeamDeSantis all the way. While RCP shows Putnam up in the Republican primary polls…

another recent poll showed DeSantis a whopping `17 points over Putnam.

The survey shows DeSantis earning 43 percent of support among Republican primary voters. Putnam pulls in 26 percent, with 25 percent undecided. No other Republican candidate earned more than two percent support.

The poll was conducted by Remingtion Research Group on behalf of the Tenth Amendment Project. Nearly 2,900 Republican primary voters were surveyed from July 2 to July 5, shortly after the candidates’ recent debate, which aired on Fox News. The margin of error given was 1.84%.

“The latest survey of Republican primary voters in Florida shows the race continues to be a two-man contest between Ron DeSantis and Adam Putnam,” said Remington Research Group President Titus Bond.

“DeSantis has seen a dramatic increase in ballot share while Putnam’s support has been static.”

I watched the debate. DeSantis dominated. You can read all about it here.

I’ll continue to keep an eye on these polls for ya!

h/t The Right Scoop