The Florida GOP Gubernatorial Primary Debate Is Going Down!

Hannah Bleau

Because I’m a political geek of the highest order, I’m watching Florida’s GOP gubernatorial primary debate on Fox News. I live in Florida, so this directly affects me. Additionally, Ron DeSantis is my congressman, plus I used to intern at his local office. In fact, after a contentious week in Washington, he flew back to our district, held a town hall meeting and allowed me to interview him on camera for one of my school projects immediately after. I’m sure he was DRAINED, but it meant the world that he took a solid 15 minutes out of his hectic week to help out an aspiring conservative media chick.

He’s a great congressman and a cool person IRL.

So yeah. I’m watching the debate, and I’ll say it. I think he’s wiping the floor with Adam Putnam. DeSantis is the real deal. Everything Putnam says sounds like the beginning of a stump speech. Putnam is CLEARLY trying to ride the MAGA train all the way to the governor’s mansion, but as DeSantis pointed out, Putnam didn’t outwardly support Trump during the election.

Putnam didn’t directly respond to that remark. He shifted to something else.

Anyway, here are some highlights so far. I wasn’t big on the first question. They were asked if the next Supreme Court Justice should be someone who would overturn Roe v. Wade. It made me cringe, because that’s– quite simply– not how this works. They can’t just decide to revisit the issue like that *snaps fingers*. There’s a process, but whatever.

DeSantis is winning this debate. Hands down.