MSM Freaks Out Over President Trump’s ‘Fat’ Joke During The #TrumpKimSummit

Hannah Bleau

It sounds like the #TrumpKimSummit went as well as it possibly could. No one actually thought that absolutely EVERYTHING would be solved after one 45 minute meeting.

This was just a start.

I still can’t get over these clips. It’s surreal.


But instead of focusing on the substance of what just went down, MSM is spending its time and energy being offended over one of President Trump’s casual self-deprecating jokes.

Yes, it’s self-deprecating, and yes, Kim Jong-un was the butt of the joke as well, but he’s a vicious dictator so WHO FREAKING CARES????????

The #resistance is actually sympathetic towards Kim Jong-un, which is mind-boggling. The man is a DICTATOR. And to be fair, Kim smiled at the very end, although I don’t know if it’s in response to the joke. I don’t care either way, because he’s a fat POS.

The #resistance is out of control.