Diane Feinstein Knew All About Immigration Issues During Obama’s Presidency, But “Didn’t Really Know ENOUGH” About Them…

Daisy, Co-Founder

Mmmm hmmm.

It’s just easier for Feinstein to claim ignorance and then BLAME TRUMP! for eeeeeeerrrrrrrrything, y’all.  I mean, that’s the Democrat way, right?

Because of course.  SO much TDS.

Behold Feinstein acting like she had hardly an idea in her head of what in the hell was going on back in 2014 (while a bunch of Democrats re-circulate that now-famous picture FROM 2014) and then she proceeds to blame all immigration issues on the current (raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacist) president.

Because MUST. STAY. ON. NARRATIVE.  Huh, Feinstein?

At least she’s not short-circuiting as much as Pelosi, so bonus points for not saying that Bush is our President.

Someone give her a cookie.