CNN Jim Acosta Makes An Insufferable Fool Of Himself – Trump Calls Him On It

Ashley (Kimber)

Jim Acosta is a GRADE-A MORON.

Are you freaking kidding me?

Acosta shouted throughout this ENTIRE historic moment.

The media acts like they’re worried Trump may behave unprofessionally… and then they send this MONKEY IN A SUIT to one of the most important diplomatic moments in American history to SHOUT childish questions at a dangerous tyrant we’re trying to get to trust us?


Like…um… junkyard dog?


According to this:

Will it finally be the end for Jim Acosta’s White House press credentials?

Civilized Americans eager to see an end to a decades-long contentious relationship with North Korea were mortified to hear a “journalist” yell out a combative questions at a highly inappropriate time…“Did you talk about Otto Warmbier, sir?”

Acosta’s antics during the moment when President Trump and Kim Jong Un sat down to sign a joint declaration after discussing peace between nations didn’t end there.

Prior to asking about Warmbier and after Kim Jung Un had expressed his desire “to put the past behind us,” Acosta blurted out another divisive question.

“Mr. Kim will you give up your weapons, sir?”


Later on, President Trump called on Crazy Jim…

But not before warning him to be on his best behavior.

“Be nice. Be respectful.”

Yeeeah… he doesn’t know how to do that.