Fake Muslim Daycares Run By Somali Refugees Are Using Taxpayer Money To Fund Terrorism

Ashley (Kimber)

What the HELL is going on here?!!?

Up to HALF of Minnesota’s childcare budget (Up to 100 MILLION dollars a year) is going to fake daycare centers run by Somali REFUGEES.

Keith Ellison is P*SSED… not because Somali refugees are stealing money from American children… but because the fraud has been exposed:

Disgusting. This is absolutely disgusting.

According to this:

A daycare-fraud scheme involving dozens of Minnesota daycare centers operated by Muslim immigrants from Somalia may have scammed up to $100 million from the U.S. government through bogus applications for welfare subsidies.

To make matters worse, some of that money is reportedly being used to finance radical Islamic terrorism around the world, according to a bombshell report by Fox 9 in Minneapolis.

I’m going to be sick.  We welcome these supposed “refugees” in to our country and THIS is what we get.

According to the left, we’re bigots for being apprehensive.

Minnesota authorities are currently investigating at least 10 daycare centers for overbilling the state. Most of the centers are owned by immigrants from Somalia, whose population is 99.9% Muslim.

Members of the Minneapolis Somali community told Fox 9 that the daycare fraud is widespread, and investigators tracking the money believe much of it is being used to finance terrorism.

“Our sources tells us that. Good sources – from the community leaders,” said detective Glen Kerns, a 15-year veteran of the FBI’s joint terrorism task force. “We had sources that told us, ‘It’s welfare fraud, it’s all about the daycare.’ It’s an outright crime, it’s unbelievable.”

Fox 9 reported:

“Sources in the Somali community told Fox 9 it is an open secret that starting a daycare center is a license to make money. The fraud is so widespread they said, that people buy shares of daycare businesses to get a cut of the huge public subsidies that are pouring in.”

This daycare fraud scheme has reportedly been going on since at least 2013, when authorities first started investigating it. Surveillance videos show parents pretending to drop off their children at the fake daycare centers, only to leave with their kids minutes later. On some days, the parents don’t even go bother to go through the charade.

Surveillance videos from inside the daycare centers show a man handing out what are believed to be envelopes filled with cash kickbacks to pay the parents who participate in this fraud.

Then suitcases filled with MILLIONS in cash are shipped to the Middle East and Africa.

As Tucker said in the video above, many of the regions the money is being shipped to are RIFE with terrorist activity.

The daycare operators then work with other con artists to transport millions of dollars in cash to the Middle East and Africa. Authorities were alerted to this latest scam when a tipster warned them that a man was leaving the country with $1 million in cash hidden in a suitcase.
The man was apprehended at the airport in Minneapolis. That’s when authorities learned that this money-laundering has been occurring almost every week at the Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport.

Keith Ellison, who represents the region, is FURIOUS… that they got caught.

Minnesota has the highest Somali population in the United States. Democrat Keith Ellison, who’s from Minnesota, is the first Muslim Congressman in U.S. history. Ellison is also the deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Despite the damning evidence, Congressman Ellison slammed the government for investigating the crooks who are scamming taxpayers (i.e., his bosses). In a statement, Ellison said authorities should be making it easier for Somali immigrants to send money to the Middle East and North Africa:

“Financial stability for the Somali people, both here and in Somalia, is one of our strongest protections against the terroristic threat posed by Al-Shabaab. We should be making it easier for our constituents to support their families — not impugning the community for it. Fox 9 should issue a thorough correction and apology for its irresponsible reporting.”


Keith Ellison wants to make it EASIER for these people to steal money and ship it to the Middle East and Africa.


I could punch that idiot in the face.