David Hogg Is Mad At Publix, Where Shopping Is A Darn Pleasure

Hannah Bleau

If you live in Florida (or surrounding states), you know ALLLLLLL about the magic of Pub Subs. For those who don’t know, I’m talking about the grocery store Publix, where shopping truly is a pleasure. (I’ve realized as I’ve gotten older that I get really excited about certain grocery stores. I’m not sure if I should be concerned?) They have the best turkey meat (Boar’s Head for life), a fantastic bakery with amazing carrot cake, mutli-grain bread made by angels and PUB SUBS.

The fried chicken tender sub is the best. No question.

I’m also a fan of Hannaford. They don’t have those in Florida, but their whoopie pies and stuffed cream cheese pumpkin muffins are the BOMB.

ANYWAY. Sorry. I could go on forever about the pros and cons of grocery stores. Sorry not sorry.

Publix is apparently supporting Adam Putnam’s gubernatorial run in Florida. Members of MSM have branded Putnam an “NRA sellout.”

Publix doesn’t care, which makes me love it even more.

Publix, the heirs to the company’s founder and its current and former leaders have given Putnam $670,000 in the last three years — or enough money to buy 74,527 chicken tender subs.

No other Florida candidate has ever come close to that kind of subsidy from Florida’s largest Fortune 500 company. Its most recent contribution, a $100,000 donation on April 30, was the largest, too, according to the latest campaign finance filings.

It’s really not all that weird.

Putnam, like Publix, is a product of Polk County. He hails from Bartow, just 20 minutes from Publix’s headquarters in Lakeland — which company officials say is a factor in their support for him.

Spokesman Brian West said, “As the hometown candidate, Publix has had a long-standing relationship with Commissioner Putnam. We support pro-business candidates, and believe Commissioner Putnam will make a great governor.”

David Hogg is ticked and is threatening to buy muffins elsewhere now.

It sounds like he wants people to follow suit, and I suddenly feel inspired to go grocery shopping at Publix later today.

His life consists of whining about the NRA and calling for boycotts. How sad and pathetic is that?

By the way, Publix doesn’t directly give money to the NRA, so chill the heck out.

Don’t apologize Publix. There’s no need.