BREAKING: Armed Resource Officer Stops Another Potential School Shooter

Hannah Bleau

According to this, a police officer engaged with an “armed male subject” at Dixon High School Wednesday morning. The suspect opened fire at the officer, and the officer shot back, injuring the shooter. There were no other injuries reported.

The injuries are believed to be non-life threatening and the suspect was taken into custody.

“No students or staff were injured in the incident,” officials said.

Dixon High School and all Dixon public schools were placed on lockdown following the shooting. Still, police said they believed the suspect “acted alone” and there was no further threat to students or staff.

According to a spokesperson for District 170, students were being moved to the school’s armory where they could be picked up by parents. Parents are being required to show ID to pick up their children. City officials, however, said a “school unification point” was being set up at the baseball fields in Page Park where parents could pick up children.

Multiple police agencies were responding to the scene, authorities said. Peoria Avenue was closed in the area as an investigation continued.

We’ll update you as we find out more. Thank goodness for the brave actions of the armed officer on the scene!

h/t NBC Chicago