Would You Rather Date A Trump Supporter Or A Convicted Felon? DC Millennials Weigh In

Ashley (Kimber)

Would you rather date a felon or a Trump supporter?

My answer is obvious. I moved in with a Trump supporter. I make his dinners. We got a dog together.

And sure… good people do bad things. Being a convicted felon doesn’t automatically make you a monster… but it sure in the hell isn’t a good thing.

So the answer should be pretty obvious, right?


Two Daily Caller reporters hit the streets of DC to ask the question:

All of the people we spoke to were asked a simple question: Would you rather date a Trump supporter or a convicted felon?


Shockingly, the majority of respondents said that they would rather date a convicted felon. In fact, all of the pro-felon respondents were so quick to dismiss the idea of dating a Trump supporter that they didn’t even wait to see if the crime was violent or not.

Because in their little pea brains, SUPPORTING TRUMP IS VIOLENCE.

Others suggested that the felon could be convicted on “trumped-up charges” and asserted that the justice system is unfair.

BAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. They’re already protecting their little felonious boo.

How PRECIOUS of them.

Gotta stand up for ya baby daddy, am I right? He didn’t do NOTHING.

(He’s fake, folks. Stop being so defensive of your fake love.)

When asked why they wouldn’t date a Trump supporter, people said they “just couldn’t” and would “never” do it.

Despite the left-leaning nature of D.C., The Daily Caller did manage to find a few people who would rather date a Trump supporter.

One former Trump bodyguard who was visiting from out of town said, “I’m a staunch conservative and I read The Daily Caller and I love Tucker Carlson.”

They found a DC UNICORN!

One of my very best friends lives in DC. She’d probably say felon, too. I’ll have to call her tonight and ask.