No. Enough Language Policing. ENOUGH. #BASTA

Mockarena, Co-Founder

India’s Buzzfeed team just put together a video about what words people should no longer use casually because they could be offensive to people with mental health issues.  BEHOLD:

So let’s just list the words that this video has instructed us not to say anymore:


Retarded (for a whole other convo on that, make sure to read this post. And this one. And this one.)
“They’ve lost their mind”
Obese (??)

The casual use of these words is “insensitive” and “makes people feel uncomfortable” and “is offensive” to people, you guys. So obviously, stop saying them casually. Just stop it right now, you big hateful meanies.

Or, you know, DON’T. Say whatever you want to say and stop letting Buzzfeed videos and bleeding hearts tell you that like every other word in the dictionary is now offensive. Because we are literally creating a world of wusses, and it’s getting worse by the day. Obviously, there are words (like the n-word, for example) that are UNIVERSALLY RECOGNIZED as being offensive (unless you’re a hip hop star in which case you can use them with impunity, inexplicably), but the problem is that nowadays, people are adding words to be offended by on practically an hourly basis. And I’m not playing those reindeer games.

The only way to ensure that the words coming out of your mouth aren’t offensive to someone is to stop talking altogether.  Because chances are, if you’re not offending SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE, you’re not saying anything particularly meaningful.

Dr. Jordan Peterson explains this a lot better than I am right now:

So yeah. The people in the Buzzfeed video may well have great intentions and be very well-meaning, but they’ve lost their collective minds if they think I’m going to stop saying that radical feminists like Linda Sarsour are mental. I’m not going to stop calling Ashley Judd psycho, and I’m not going to stop calling Alyssa Milano an idiot.