This Creepy Dude Thought He Was “Pranking” Us, You Guys. DYING LAUGHING.

Mockarena, Co-Founder


I was searching on YouTube to find an old Fox appearance we had, and I discovered this hilarious video of some super creepy dude recording himself leaving us a voicemail back in 2014. I don’t recall ever actually RECEIVING this voicemail, but the fact that this weirdo thinks this is what a prank call looks like makes me want to pat him on the head (with gloves, mind you) and give him a cookie.


I feel so sorry for him.

Incidentally, if you weren’t aware that you can call us anytime you want, you CAN. The number is 317-684-8444. We look forward to hearing from you, (especially if you’re a weirdo like this dude because it makes for entertaining radio.)

Case in point. Listen to these hilarious hate messages we got earlier this week (with the exception of the first one which was adorable.)