Laura Ingraham Advertiser Comes Back With Tail Between Its Legs…


At least ONE of Laura Ingraham’s former advertisers is realizing they made a HUGE mistake by dropping her…

Now they’re coming back, saying they had “incomplete information” when they made the decision to drop Laura.

According to this:

Ace Hardware has reportedly decided to resume advertising on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News talk show, a week after announcing it would quit ads with the conservative commentator.

A spokeswoman for the hardware chain told The Wrap the company had “incomplete information” when it decided to stop advertising on “The Ingraham Angle.”

Incomplete information, huh?

What exactly does that mean?

Incomplete information about what Laura ACTUALLY said?

Incomplete information about whether or not David Hogg got in to college?

Incomplete information about how liberals mock and bully conservatives CONSTANTLY and are never held accountable for it?

Incomplete information about how angry their customers were going to be?

I have SO many questions.

Ace was among numerous companies that fled Ingraham’s show after she mocked David Hogg, a survivor of the February mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 people dead.

“Advertising on any network or show, is in no way an endorsement from Ace of the content contained or spoken within that program,” the Ace spokeswoman said in a statement.

“We appreciate the different points of view from our customers, and believe people should be treated with respect and civility. … At this time, we have not altered our current media schedule; however, we regularly review our media strategy.”

A week ago, an unnamed Ace spokeswoman confirmed “we do not have any plans to nationally advertise on Ingraham’s show in the future,” according to The Wrap.

HuffPost couldn’t immediately reach an Ace representative for comment.

So yeah… they’re trying to act all smooth about it. Nothing to see here! Nothing eeeeever happened!

Of course, the libs are already OUTRAGED:

“Ace is the place FOR FOOLS!”


You know what I think whenever I see crap like this?

Realistically… how much money are p*ssy-hatters spending at hardware stores vs conservatives?

Who uses their hands in this country?

Who believes in blood, sweat, and hard work in this country?

What kind of man would rather clean his power tools over sipping on a soy latte?

You guessed it.

It’s us.