‘Shout Your STD Status’ Is A Thing Now. EWWWWWW…

Miss CJ

What IS it with the Cult of Social Justice and shouting this crap all the time.\? We’ve already had “Shout Your Abortion”. But given the progressive obsession with genitalia, this shouldn’t actually surprise me.

A new trending hashtag has surfaced on Twitter – #ShoutYourStatus, meaning they want people with STDs to proudly proclaim their medical condition. Check it out –

Oh, and this is my FAVORITE. ‘Cause suddenly, privilege is a GOOD thing –

Oh, so now you’re going to bleat all about STD Privilege? Is that the privilege that lets you preen about and have moral superiority over the fact you contracted a disease that is almost nearly preventable, as long as you’re not taking stupid risks – like, you know, having sex with a bunch of random people without thought for the consequences? And then you demand that nobody judge you when you show up with the internet-equivalent of a parade and a marching band and a banner lit up in Christmas lights proclaiming “I HAVE AN STD!”

Um… unless I’m having sex with you (which is extremely unlikely, since I’m one of those old-fashioned weirdos who believes in abstinence before marriage and complete fidelity after marriage – and I’ve already picked the guy I’m going to be faithful to for the rest of my days), I don’t want to know about your STD. For the simple fact that it’s NONE OF MY FREAKING BUSINESS! That’s something that’s between you and your doctor and whatever sexual partner(s) you have. That’s not something that needs to be proclaimed on Twitter. Or anywhere remotely public. Because – gross.

Unless you want EVERYBODY to get super-gross and super-personal about all their medical issues. People could start tweeting #ShoutYourHemorrhoids or #ShoutYourHernia. Feminists already do the #LiveTweetYourPeriod thing, for some insane reason, God only knows.

And that’s the other thing – the only way social justice nutters can actually communicate is by shouting. Not speaking in a calm, rational, normal way. Not speaking in a whisper. Nope. They have to shout. Even when they’re discussing things with their fellow social justice nutters – with whom they, presumably, agree with – they’re still shouting. It’s their default mode.

(Eavesdrop on a study group meeting in a college library or student union sometime. You’ll see what I mean.)

Just another liberal victim class looking for attention. Goodness knows we don’t have enough of THOSE running around (with or without their tops on).