Biden Likes Make Believe

Daisy, Co-Founder


A Shreveport, Louisiana news channel reported that Joe Biden responded to Louisiana Governor Jindal’s Republican response to the State of the Union Address by spewing some statistics on unemployment rates. 

Only the rates he spewed were pulled directly out of his own anal cavity. 

After Jindal’s rebuttal to the address, Biden made an appearance on the CBS Early Morning show and attempted to make Jindal look bad, of course.  His flappy, gaping piehole exclaimed, “In Louisiana, there’s 400 people a day losing their jobs.  What’s he doing?”

Um, yeah.  The Louisiana Workforce Commission begs to differ, Joey McPlagiarizer.  In fact, in the past month, Louisiana has gained 3700 jobs.

Fuzzy, delusional math is AWESOME.  Behold the greatness that is Joe.  No one messes with him, according to the Messiah Obama.  Well, no one that likes to argue with crazy people, anyway.

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