Celebrities Think That Socialism Only Applies To Minions Like Me

Daisy, Co-Founder


I was reading a New York Post blog entry about Sheryl Crow and will.i.am lobbying for this thing called the Performance Rights Act.  Basically, it’s legislation that will cut out some of the corporate middle men and allow them to make their “fair” compensation when their crap is played on AM and FM radio.  It’s a beautiful, capitalistic idea that one deserves to make what one is worth and to be compensated for what one puts out there for people to consume.  I can get on board with that, but um, yeah, I voted for the capitalist dude.  You, on the other hand, are wearing Obama’s face on your chest.

Let me get this straight, Sheryl and will.i.am.  You supported, campaigned, and eventually got a socialist-minded President elected.  So, what happened to the notion of “share the wealth” that you so vehemently supported?  I mean, that is what you wanted, right?  So why are you complaining now?  Oh, that’s right….it sucks to have to work hard (or hardly, in their case) and then divide it among people who didn’t participate in that work.

Apparently, those views they campaigned for only apply to little, insignificant minions like me.  All the regular, normal, non-celebrity scum need to adhere to the whole “share the wealth” crap.  But if you’re a celebrity, you are somehow exempt, because you’re special.  Really?

Take a whiff of the big, steaming pile of Marxism poo, you already overpaid celebrity blowhards.  And watch out…your hypocrisy is showing.

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