Monkeys And Pelosi Like To Clap A Lot

Daisy, Co-Founder

The State of the Union Address was a sight to behold last week, what with all the pomp and circumstance we as patriotic Americans love to eat up with a spoon. Pelosi wore my least favorite color, crapteuse, which was fitting given the event. Crapteuse is a color Mock identified and penned a few months ago (our addition of it into Webster’s is still pending). It’s the cross between a horrific dirty diaper and the pea-green soup mixture that the possessed chick vomited everywhere in The Exorcist. Nice fashion choice for television, Nancy. Bravo to your stylist. Really.

She glowed with the pompousness and giddiness only seen in lobotomized cheerleaders and Ms. America contestants, minus the whole young and pretty thing, of course. And the clapping – it was reminiscent of one of those monkeys with cymbals. I endured about 25 minutes of it, at which time I felt the urge to throw a sharp object at my television.

If you didn’t get to see it, you didn’t miss much. Just crapteuse and a crazy woman clapping. A lot of clapping.

Please take note of the resemblance.

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