Hey Dems – The Lockdowns Had A Horrific Effect On Our Kids. Here’s An Example.

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

As schools locked down and teachers unions shrieked not to go back into the classrooms, claiming they were ALLLLL ABOUT THE KIIIIDDDS, you know who suffered the most?

You guessed it – the kids.

Fast forward to today.  Suicide rates have skyrocketed, mental health issues are rampant, kids have missed out on some of the most fun times in their young lives, and academically?  We have yet to even see how much this has set this generation behind.

60 Minutes did an interview with two teenage girls who were personally affected:

My family lived in Indiana for the first part of Covid, then we promptly moved to Texas.  My daughter was only out of school – having to deal with the remote bullsh*t (which is what it was, #sorrynotsorry) for about six weeks – tops.  She’s been in-person, either in a pseudo-mask or completely out of one (all hail Texas) now for the past almost-two years (fifth and sixth grades).  I can’t imagine her being a remote learner.  If I were in that position as a parent, I probably would’ve just moved to a state that wasn’t run by total commies so as not to put my kid through any sort of lockdown.

It was bad enough watching her have to put on a mask during certain time periods, based on junk science that had no real data.  It was bad enough listening to her tell me why she had to walk “single file” in the hallways, as if the virus couldn’t reach kids if they walked a certain way in the halls.  It’s been bad enough that she’s had social activities and dances cancelled, and other fun things put on hold because of a virus that we know affects children differently than the elderly and immune-compromised. According to the powers-that-be,  dancing causes death and destruction.  #footloose

None of it has ever made any logical sense.

But at least we didn’t have to deal with the lockdowns.  And I have been grateful for that for the past two years.  I feel for the girls in the video above.  At face value, sure it sounds shallow when they say they spiraled into depression for missing their 8th grade dance, but think about what was important to you when you were in 8th grade.  Think of what your world was like when you were in middle school.  In high school.  And shame on the adults in this country for putting this generation what we’ve put them through.

Suicide rates in teen girls have gone up 50%THAT is a public health crisis, but you’ll never hear Fauci address it.  Ever.  I suppose there’s no money to be made from it, amirite?

What an evil troll.  And everyone who supported him should be ashamed of themselves.

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